The top e-wallets for 2022

The top e-wallets for 2022

The top e-wallets for 2022

It is not always convenient to store or transfer finances using a card, for a variety of reasons. For example, I am not satisfied with the percentage for transferring money to another bank’s card. In this case, you should start an electronic wallet.

How to choose the best option, top up your account and withdraw money — that’s what we’ll figure out.

What is an electronic wallet?

An electronic wallet is a virtual payment instrument, software installed on a smartphone or computer. With it, you can pay for a product or service online, transfer money to a bank card, so that in the future, if desired, you can cash them out.

An alternative to an electronic wallet is Internet banking. But not all owners of online projects offer to transfer money through a bank, they say it is expensive or inconvenient. Therefore, people who earn money on the Internet — programmers, designers, translators, copywriters and many others — receive payment for their work on an electronic wallet.

Some e-wallets make it possible to create a virtual card and use it to pay for purchases offline. For example, in a supermarket through a POS terminal.

Let’s look at the main advantages and disadvantages of e-wallets.

The advantages of using include:

Simple registration. It takes place online, in a few steps according to clear instructions.

The electronic payment system is widespread: goods and services are available for purchase without leaving home.

The service of electronic wallets is free, unlike many bank cards.

There is a possibility of instant payment operations, transfers and withdrawal of funds. There may be slight delays when an intermediary is involved.

You can exchange currency at the exchange rate of the payment system.

The validity period of the virtual card is limited, but it will only take a few minutes to register a new one online.

But it is worth paying attention to such moments:

Electronic money is easier to spend than real banknotes. Psychological nuance: invisible funds leave without regrets, unlike bills that can be held in your hands.

An electronic wallet without linking to a bank card is available only if there is an Internet connection.

If the wallet is not verified, it may be difficult to restore the profile if it is lost.

Despite the widespread use of digital payment systems, not all stores support electronic payment.

Important! If the smartphone is lost, fraudsters can gain access to the electronic wallet. Always set a complex password. Duplicate the program on your home computer — you can enter additional security settings at any time.

Types of electronic wallets….

E-wallets differ from each other in several ways:

Options for replenishing the account: through a payment terminal, an ATM, using a special prepaid card, from a mobile phone balance, from a bank card, and so on.

Commission fee for conducting financial transactions.

The degree of security of data and transfers.

Currency support: some wallets work only with national money, some with different currencies.

Services provided by the payment system and its partners: autopayments, currency exchange, virtual card issuance, cashback and similar offers.

The convenience of the interface.

User support and timely software updates.

Otherwise, these are combinations of the previous points.

Rating of the best wallets

Since 2016,  has restricted access to some popular electronic wallets in the country. Nevertheless, many continue to use them, resorting to the help of a VPN, which is not entirely legal.

The fact is that some of the banned payment systems operate on the international market and offer convenient tools that are difficult to find a decent alternative.

Therefore, the rating of electronic wallets includes those systems that users prefer.


The leader of electronic services due to a number of reasons. These include:

The ability to create multiple wallets by linking them to the desired currency,  including cryptocurrency and precious metals.

There are many options for depositing and withdrawing funds.

A high degree of security, which is constantly being  improved.

A large number  of convenient services.

A small commission for operations carried out in the system, only 0.8%

The possibility of lending within the system in the presence of a certain level of business  certificate. You can take out a loan, or you can take out loans yourself, earning a percentage.

The mass of the project is more than 40 million registrations.

WebMoney has been officially operating in the UK and Europe since November 17, 2015.

You can link other payment systems to WebMoney: Qiwi, EasyPay or Yandex.Money.

The National Bank of Ukraine canceled WebMoney registration, which is why it is now impossible to pay utilities from this wallet, top up a mobile phone account, it is difficult to withdraw money to a card.


Since 2012, Qiwi and Visa international payment system have been strategic partners. It was then, in addition to the free virtual, it became possible to order a physical debit card.

Now the service offers three types of cards:

standard QIWI payWave: valid for three years, service is free, no commission is charged for a transfer from another bank’s card if the replenishment amount is 2000 rubles or more.

QIWI payWave+: with the same conditions as the previous card. The only difference is that this one has been in effect for 5 years;

QIWI Priority: Login to the batch application of the same name. Users who have issued Priority receive higher limits on cash withdrawals, premium service and a free annual SMS notification.

Such cards can be used for offline purchases, and each of them can be linked to Apple Pay.

As for commissions, Qiwi offers favorable conditions for cashing out large amounts and transfers within the system. For these operations, the service charges 2% (+50 rubles) and 0%, respectively.

Yumopeu (formerly Yandex.Money)

Yumopeu is chosen for its simple functionality, the ability to pay for various services online. The service also offers cashback, partner discounts and special offers.

The wallet makes it possible to issue both a virtual and a plastic card for shopping in stores, cashing out funds at ATMs, autopayments and other operations.

The YUMOPEU payment system is blocked


There are four ways to pay for a product or service online using EasyPay.

With a Visa or MasterCard plastic card. To do this, enter the card number, expiration date and CVV code.

Cash in the terminal, of which there are already more than ten thousand in Ukraine. When placing an order in an online store, the user can enable the “Deferred Payment” function. The confirmation code received in the SMS must be entered in the terminal and the purchase will be paid.

Electronic money from a virtual account.

From a mobile phone for subscribers of the Kyivstar operator.

All operations can be carried out from the EasyPay website or a mobile application available for iOS and Android. Most popular services can be paid without commission by linking a virtual or special EasyPay card from Forward Bank to your wallet.

You can create several electronic wallets in the system by saving different bank cards. More of the pros:

regular payments;

setting up templates if different amounts need to be transferred to the same banking details;

cashback 1% of the cost of purchases by card;

loyalty program points are awarded, which you can use to pay for services or get discounts from program partners.

The payment service has been operating since 2007 and has the largest network of terminals in Ukraine.

SharPay and Smart Money

Electronic money of mobile operators Vodafone and Kyivstar.

SharPay is a mobile application of Vodafone operator, which must be installed in order to use a mobile wallet account. Interestingly, the user of any mobile operator can use the service.

Kyivstar provides a service to prepaid subscribers.

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