TOEFL Preparation : 6 Tips

6 Tips TOEFL preparation

6 Tips TOEFL preparation
6 Tips TOEFL preparation

TOEFL Preparation 6 Tips

Follow the instructions carefully

Pay close attention to the instructions. Before you begin the section, make sure you understand them well. Many people fail their exam because they miss small details, something that could have been avoided if they had followed the directions carefully.

If the instructions are in writing, I recommend you read them at least twice, review them in your mind and Reason them appropriately. If the directions are spoken, stop whatever you’re doing and listen.

If you prepared properly, you will not have problems with this part, as you should have gone over this point a few times.

TOEFL Preparation Exam

1. Get a good teacher

This evaluation has its own logic, its own method of organising things; consequently, to earn a good score, you need to comprehend its structure, and the best way to do so is to consult with a professional English instructor.

Ask your teacher to give you a list of all the activities you should do, as well as a study manual.

Ideally, you practice on your own and take private lessons in English, learn the technical details of the test and indicate the points where you need to improve.

I used to see my teacher on Saturday mornings, this helped me a lot, because it made me notice details that I did not see on my own. It gave me a clearer perspective on the things I lacked to master this test.

2. Learn how the test works

As I mentioned before, evaluation has its own logic, each question has a specific intention, follows a certain flow. Understanding this whole process greatly increases your score.

Take your study manual, select 3 questions from each section, now analyze the reasoning behind each of the answers. What skills are you trying to evaluate? in what way is he doing it?

Some things will be easy to figure out on your own, others you’ll need the help of your teacher.

Once you understand the structure of this assessment well, solve several exercises following the logic you learned. This way you will master it well and you can apply it without problems, even in moments of pressure.

3. Set a goal

When you start your preparation, set study schedules that you will follow weekly, as well as a calendar of the activities you have to do.

This is not a test that you can pass by simply memorizing answers, as it really measures the level at which you apply your language skills. Therefore it requires real effort, and your discipline will be fundamental for you to overcome this test.

When I studied for this assessment, I separated the entire content of my preparation into small, easy-to-perform tasks. I kept an exclusive notebook to list my doubts, which I consulted weekly with my teacher. In total, he spent 8 hours a week studying.

My goal was to be ready to pass the evaluation in 3 months, which means I did 96 hours of preparation. Without discipline or specific study times, I would never have managed to reach that level of preparation.

weekly schedule

4. Make Mock Exams

A Mock Exam is a test that will tell you the approximate grade you will get if you take the exam at this time.

I recommend you do one before you start your preparation, another in the middle, and a Last Mock Exam 2 weeks before your evaluation.

The goal is for you to recognize the areas where you need to practice the most, and focus your curriculum on those points. This helps you optimize your time and progress faster.

Something very interesting is that Mock exams are also a good way to measure your progress. And, if you’re really following your program of study, you’ll notice amazing results. This point is much more important when presenting the TOEFL iBT.

5. Don’t trust yourself

Having a high level of English is not enough to get a good qualification, you need to be really prepared.

Remember, this exam is a measurement tool, therefore there is no standard grade to decide that you passed, rather it is to comply with what an institution asks you. For example, for some universities you are asked to obtain 500 points in the PBT modality.

It is very important that you know the requirements that you must meet and take the test in time, so, in case you do not get enough points, you will have the opportunity to submit again without pressure.

6. Practice, practice, practice

I know, this advice is a little obvious, but…. did I mention you need to practice? In this case there are no magic solutions, shortcuts, or anything to save you from hard work.

You should make English part of your daily life, speaking, writing, listening and reading in English every day. You can include this in your daily activities. As an example, watch TV in English and make a summary of the program you watch.

Keep a journal in English, take notes of the progress you make in studying, write down your thoughts and things happen in your daily life. It’s a great way to practice your writing and keep track of your progress at the same time.

The good news is that there are many resources at your disposal that can help you, you have to analyze what you have at your disposal and use it wisely.

Area Of Concentration When Writing TOEFL Test

1. Make good use of your time.

Each segment has a time restriction; determine how much time you can spend on each question and maintain a steady pace. If you are unable to answer a question, mark it so that you may return to it later.

Our brain works in an amazing manner; as long as you are working on other solutions, it will continue to analyze the issue that you were unable to solve, and it will most likely solve it without spending time being stuck.

If you have too much time in a section, don’t allow your thoughts wander; you must be engaged or you may lose your rhythms. I recommend that you re-read your answers to ensure that they are correct.

The important thing is to stay focused and keep up. This doesn’t mean you need to speed up, it takes time to analyze each answer and make sure you have the right ones.

2. Responds systematically

Develop a system to solve the questions, this way you will be more efficient and accurate in answering.

If we are dealing with multiple choices, read the question carefully and think of a possible answer. Then analyze the incisions and discard what you think is totally wrong. Match the remaining points with your possible answer and you will know which one is correct. TOEFL Preparation 6 Tips

If you are in the section that evaluates your writing, Take a few seconds to structure in your head what you will write, so it will be easier to express yourself in a coherent way, and you can pay more attention to your grammar. Also use simple words, so it is safer to write them well avoiding subtracting points for bad spelling.

The oral part is a bit complicated, since it will take into account your fluency, accent and how easy it is to understand you. My best recommendation is to relax and give concise answers. The easier it is to understand what you are saying, the better the score you will receive.

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in. This is not very academic advice, but you will be sitting for more than 2 hours, probably in a classroom, so it will not be very easy to concentrate after a while.

To this we could add that you eat something light and go to the bathroom before you start. Everything you consider necessary to make your assessment as comfortable as possible.

Concentration is very important, and believe me, this could make a difference when you have an hour of exam left and you’re thinking you need to go to the bathroom.

4. Answers all questions

This is the most common recommendation you’ll find on the Internet. If you think about probabilities, you’ll have a better chance of getting it right just by answering.

Although be careful, in situations where you have no idea what a correct answer might be, better leave it blank, many mistakes could negatively affect your score, especially in the oral and written sections.

I know, this can be a bit of a complicated decision, but if you followed all the tips in this guide, then you will most likely have to go through this predicament a few times.

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